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American Tree Experts, Inc.

Bill Dobbs has been trusted by homeowners and businesses for tree services since 1989. Bill and his crew are only a phone call away from removing your unwanted trees or assessing your tree needs.   Our comprehensive services include tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, lumber milling and much more.

American Tree Experts, Inc. cares for trees of all sizes in any location and is the go to company for both big and small jobs.  Whether you are a homeowner, a commercial business, a contractor, or a government agency, American Tree Experts, Inc. has the equipment, expertise, Licenseing and Insurance to take care of all your tree service needs at a fair price.

American Tree Experts, Inc. was founded by Bill Dobbs, an American patriot with an exceptional work ethic.  A Certified Arborist, he has 26 years of professional tree experience and a natural talent for all types of tree work.

Bill and his crew pride themselves on customer satisfaction while providing competitive rates.  Their team of professionals is meticulous and ready to get the job done for you!

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